New Feature: Import your Twitter follows into your Mastodon account

Quitting twitter altogether may seem difficult at first. Despite its many flaws, the platform has managed to attract a huge number of interesting people who would otherwise not be so accessible. From sport atheletes and journalists to book authors and key political figures, it is undeniable that it would be good to follow these people, even if they are still stuck on the legacy social networks.

To help mitigate these problems, we are working on tools that can help people that want to have their primary social media presence on the Fediverse, but that still occasionally needs to interact with people on Twitter.

The very first tool we are building and launching for public testing is a Twitter Follow Importer. This tool is available for any Communick user with an active access plan to our Mastodon flagship instance. It helps to bring all the people you follow on Twitter to a Fediverse “mirror” instance, and adds those mirrored accounts to your own Mastodon account.

A more detailed explanation of how to use this is available on our documentation central

Huge thanks to the developers of We highly encourage people to support the project and we are adding them to the list of open source projects who we are pledging to support.