Managed Hosting for Lemmy (decentralized Reddit alternative) in preview mode

Following up the introduction of managed fediverse instances, we now have Lemmy joining our selection of services.

Lemmy is best described as a “social link aggregation and discussion platform”. It is similar to sites like reddit, Lobsters or Hacker News, which lets people create their own communities where they can post links around the topics that they are interested in. Other members of the community can vote in posts and comments which helps in curation of the content.

Reddit is one of the top-10 most visited sites in the world and is especially popular in the United States, but now is facing a lot of protests due to its recent announcement that it will incur hefty fees for the usage of its API. Developers of popular reddit clients have announced that they won’t be able to bear those costs and therefore will have to shut down their operations.

What is happening with Reddit should be yet-another example of the potential dangers of our over-reliance on the “walled gardens” of traditional social media. By using an open source and decentralized system like Lemmy, everyone from users to application developers and content creators can feel more confident that no large corporation can abuse their power. Our managed hosting solution brings the best of both worlds: you are always in control and if you are not satisfied with our service, you can always take your data and host it with any other provider.