Funkwhale, the Fediverse's Favorite Music Service, now available to customers

We started with messaging and microblogging, now we are adding an option for people who love music to listen to their songs and support their artists directly and free from the Big Tech corporations. We have been trialing our own Funkwhale instance at Communick Stream and now we are ready to offer it as part of the suite of services provided by Communick.

With Funkwhale, you are able to upload your music library to a server (up to 250GB!) and listen to anywhere and also to browse collections provided by other community members. Artists can create their own channels and promote their own work throughout the whole fediverse.

With the addition of Funkwhale we are also changing the structure of our plans. Previously we were offering separate options for each of the individual services, but now we trying to streamline our offerings and we are providing all services for subscribers in a single plan.